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Custom Homes:


      We have been designing award winning Custom Homes for more than 20 years. When a client

      contacts us, we get as much information as possible for their project as needed. We like to know

      a design style, budgets, size, number of bedrooms, garage size, etc... With all this information,

      we get together, sit down in a very relaxed atmosphere to discuss our client's needs, wants, 

      desires and budget. With as much information as possible, we develop preliminary drawings

      for our clients. With these preliminary drawings, our clients can start to get numbers/bids on

      what it will cost to build their new home. Once our clients are satisfied with floor plans, elevations,

      budgets and lot/land covenants, we normally get together for another meeting to discuss and 

      "fine-tune" the preliminary plans and any revisions that need to be addressed, so we may move on

      to final/construction drawings. With these final drawings, our clients can get all permits needed,

      financing, (if needed), and be able to completely construct their new home.


      All plans have been drafted with detailed floor plans of each level, foundation, (slab or full basement),

      1st and 2nd floor (if appl.). All elevations. Front Rear and both Side Elevations. Roof Plan and building

      Cross Sections are included. All plans are completely drafted at 1/4" scale so they are easy to read.




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